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For All Kind Of Surgical Instruments , Dental Instruments , Beauty Instruments and Fishing Instruments .

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Trocars, Suction Tubes, Cannulas
Bone surgery
Bone surgery
Cardiovascular Surgery
Eurosurgery, Laminectomy
Stomach, Intestines, Rectum
oral maxillo-facial surgery
Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery
Hygiene Storage
Explorers, Delicate, Flexible, Probes
Amalgam Pistolen
Tooth Extracting Forceps
Instruments for Root Fragments
Tooth Forceps for Children
Scalers, Curettes
Titan handels,Working tips
Grinding Stones, Sterilizable
Periodontal Instruments & Files
Raspatories, Files, Chisel
Mucotome, Tongue & Plasters Spatulas
Micro Scalpels, Gingivectomy Knives & Handle....
Periodontal Surgery Sets, Munster Pattern
Endodontic Microsurgical Set
Mouth Mirrors, Handles,Napkin Holder, Saliva ....
Tooth Tweezers
Mouth Gags, Retractors
Gum, Surgical, Ligatur, Bandage Scissors
Dissecting, Dressing, Delicate Tissue, Haemos....
Towel Clamps
Awls & Suction Instruments
Bone Curettes
Bone Rongeurs, Bone Cutting & Bone Holding Fo....
Needle Holders & Needle cases
Aspira-Plus, Water Syringe
Osteotomes & Mallets
Reposition Forceps
Plastic Filling Instruments & Exaxial Set
Burnisher & Nerve Instruments
Instruments for Removel of Roots, Syndesmotom....
Impression Trays
Crown Instruments, Removing Pliers, Plate Sci....
Waxing Instruments
Pliers for Technic, Orthodontics
Wire Bending Pliers & Wire Cutters
Rubber-Dam Instruments
Matrices, Matrix Retainers
Composite - Instruments, Freiburg Pattern
Separating Forceps, Band Seater
Kidney Trays, Round Bowls, Guaze Case
Acrylic Nail Tip Cutters
Beauty Care Kits
Contilever Nipper
Corn Cutters
Eye Brow Tweezer
Gift . Packs
Cuticle Nippers
Fancy Scissors
Nail Cutters
Professional Hair Cutting Scissor
Optical Tools Pliers
Tailor Scissors
Chasing Hammer
Tools Tweezers
Calipers & Gauges
Standard Kit Pliers Set
Glassmaking Tools
Stainless Steel Tattoos Grips
Fishing Pliers
Mini type Pliers
Castration Forceps
Bull Nose
Scissors & Shears
Hoof Knives
Teat Instruments
Self Retaining Retractors
horse Rug & Saddle Cloth
Ear Instruments
Obstetric Instruments
Dehorning Instruments
Needle Holders with Carbide Tips & Handle
Restraining Equipment
Equine Instruments
Livestock and Identification Equipment
General Instruments
Farrier's Tools & Leather Products
About Us



The Era Of Craftsmanship

First Generation

Our forefathers joined hands and initiated to make Surgical & Dental Instruments. They were very skilled in Forging, filling and masters in Polishing and sharpening.
During early 1970, the other sons joined hands with their fathers and become a good team with enthusiasm. They worked hard and add some Haemostatic Artery Forceps, increasingly supply of the surgical instruments to other hospitals in the territory as well.

Malik Lal Din





The Era Of Technology

Second Generation
Mr. Malik Fiaz Ahmed for the production and supply of Surgical and Dental Instruments. He made a team of selected artisans and worked hard for the enrichment and expansion of the business with due enthusiasm. A target had been set by him to achieve a reputation in the market to accomplish his ideas, with a hope that the next generation may grow further and could be able to introduce the skill and quality of the products.

Malik Fiaz
(Chief Executive)


Steps Towards Success

Third Generation
Mr.Malik Sajjad Fiaz & Malik Babar Fiaz joined with his father and established a company under the title of Aillt Surgical 

Based in Sialkot (Pakistan), the city known for the manufacturing of surgical and Dental instruments world wide, we are approaching the progressive market leaders of the world in Dental/Surgical field, who are looking for a reliable manufacturer/supplier with best product for their price. AILLT SURGICAL  believe in commitment towards quality, which has a generation of skilled employees and quality vendors for raw material with manufacturing experience of more than a decade in Surgical, Dental, Manicure and Pedicure instruments. We focus on the demands of our valued customers.


Our quality system is well versed in accordance with the FDA's GMP and ISO 9001:2000 and our products comply with all the requirements of CE directives for class 1 medical devices.




AILLT SURGICAL  instruments are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. Instruments which prove to be defective, when used for their intended Dental/Surgical purposes, will be replaced or repaired at no cost.


Malik Sajjad Fiaz


Malik Babar Fiaz
(Production Manager)



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